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Android application development on the other hand is quite different from iPhone development as it uses JAVA run time classes, which means any person having experience in Java can smoothly develop applications for Android Platform. Another added advantage is a familiar IDE Eclipse. Similar to iPhone SDK, android also comes with its SDK which acts as a bible for app development on android platform.

Mobile Apps for your Business

We develop custom mobile applications across different platforms like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows etc covering maximum services such as e-commerce, education, retail, business, games, social networking and much more. Our aim is to build customer-eccentric applications that are user-friendly as well as cost effective to fit in your budget. You can rely on us for standard mobile application development that has simple interface and convincing creativity.

  •  Android Application.

We are one of the well known Android Apps Developers in India and have been developing apps for various clients across the globe. With Android being one of the top most used mobile OS in the world, it’s becoming mandatory for companies to develop Android apps to get easily connected with their users/customers. Our Android application development team will help you in designing, developing and hence implementing your open source business app which is very easy and attractive for your customer, also ensuring smooth running of the app on various android versions.

  •  Windows Application.

Retinor InfoTech Ltd is a professional mobile application development company and it has well experience in developing applications that run on Window mobile platform. We provide end-to-end services in Windows application development for our clients. Due to its wide range of user friendly applications windows mobile applications are liked by millions of mobile phone users. Corporate and businesses are the most active among them windows platform is preferred .

  •  iPhone / iPad Application.

People use iPhone applications in the area of business, entertainment, social networking, shopping, navigation, browsing and more. Due to increasing number of iPhone users, organizations big or small can reach the customer in easy and effective ways via iPhone mobile applications. Now enterprises use iPhone mobile applications to track work and get output from their employers. In-depth technical knowledge is the key for iPhone application.

  •  BlackBerry Application.

Blackberry App World is unique for its BB users with their continuous improvement in upgrading their OS. Java is the platform used widely for blackberry apps development with specific to J2ME and the other platform being MDS. Our team use Java, CSS and HTML to design your app and bring it to reality based on your target audiences needs and requirements while maintain RIM specification.